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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Paragraph K (Apprenticeship and Training Certification) need to be completed?
All state-funded contracts require the Apprenticeship and Training Certification.   This certification is not included on federally-funded contracts.
As a prime contractor am I required to participate in an apprenticeship & training program?
Please review 30 ILCS 500/30-22.
Are DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) or VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) forms required with our bid if the goal is 0.00%?
No. They are not required when the goal is 0.00%.  Verify the goal by referencing the Special Provisions.
Why is the Illinois Office Affidavit no longer included in the bid proposal?
It is now included as a certification in your bid.
If I am a prequalified contractor and want to bid on a Small Business Initiative contract do I need to complete the Qualifications and Equipment Inventory Certification?
Is the proposal signature page required to bid?
Only if bidding as a joint venture.
If I want a copy of the “As-Built” plans who do I contact?
Please contact the respective district construction office.
When is my DBE Utilization Plan Due?
Your DBE Utilization Plan is due along with your bid by 10:00am CST on letting day.

Must the contractor submit two contracts and two contract bonds, each with original signatures, to the Contracts Office for execution?

If a contractor does not require an executed contract and contract bond with wet signatures, only one (1) executed original of each may be submitted to the Contracts Office for final execution. A copy of the fully executed documents will be made part of the contract that is sent via UPS  to the contractor after execution.

If I discover an error in my bid do I need to withdraw the bid and start over?
Never withdraw your electronic bid unless you do not want to submit a bid for the contract.  If you discover an error simply correct the error, save the correction, and re-submit your bid.
Does my Annual Bid Bond cover Aeronautics and DNR contract bids?
Aeronautics and DNR will accept the Annual Bid Bond (BDE 356A). They also accept the contract specific bid bond (BDE 356B).
If I have an annual electronic bid bond do I need to submit a paper copy to the department?
No, if the department needs a copy we will access the issuer’s electronic database.
If I am bidding and have mailed the bid bond to IDOT, how do I validate the bond in EBids?
Type "Mailed Bid Bond" or "Annual Bid Bond" in the space provided in iCX.
If bidding as a joint venture, who must complete Form A and Form B?
All individuals meeting the requirements of 30 ILCS 500/50-35 of the joint venture must complete Form A.   A separate Form B must be completed by the individual companies of the joint venture.
If bidding as a joint venture who is responsible for the bid bond?
Responsibility of acquiring the bid bond is to be determined by the joint venture; however both parties must be named on the bid bond.