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Bid Bonds

Below are links to the bid bonds allowed for bidding purposes by the department. The first link is for an Annual Bid Bond if you are a frequent bidder to the department and prefer a once a year bond. The second link is for a contract specific bid bond for the less frequent bidders. The third link is the bid bond for Division of Aeronautics projects. The Division of Aeronautics and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources will accept either of the Office of Program Development Bid Bonds (Annual Bid Bond or Contract Specific Bid Bond).
The department also accepts electronic bid bonds from Surety2000 and SurePath. Please consult your bonding agent for more details on electronic bid bonds.
Annual Bid Bond: BDE 356A
Contract Specific Bid Bond: BDE 356B
Division of Aeronautics Proposal Bid Bond: AER 356B
A bid bond is not required on Small Business Initiative (SBI) projects.